>   Huge Savings! Take as high as 50% discount!
>   Pre-sales and Post-sales Personalized Support!
>   Customization on Flavor, Blends and Labels!
>   Widest Catalog – Exclusively available in OEM!
>   Extensive services offered with VIP treatment!

Get the biggest advantage you deserve!

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Avail the biggest and the best benefit we have in stored for you. Entrust your business to us and we’ll take it to the next level. Starting from your choice of mix up to the labelling and branding, we got you. Save extremely big on product cost plus enjoy exclusive services such as custom labeling, special blends, flavor development, and bulk DIY ingredient sales.

OEM Scheme

The Term OEM refers to “Original Equipment Manufacturing” which enables you to particularly safeguard the fact that our expertise is carefully handled over to the products that will come to you. It warrants high business savings and expediency. Let’s create a brand the whole world can recognize and a business the industry will respect.

HiLIQ OEM Program empowers medium-scale E-liquid store owners to take their business in the limelight by offering original E-liquid blends and signature mix. How these are made possible?

HiLIQ OEM provides Liquid numbers to each OEM partners (clients). The Liquid numbers determine the personal mix of the partner in order to maintain quality and consistency.

On the other hand, large-scale store owners can expect so much more on the program as it is highly capable and scalable. While maintaining both the quality and consistency of the e-liquids, our program promises stability ensuring partners that we can provide any sizes.

The biggest deal: Our OEM offers high return rates -- With excellent quality of our end products, you can easily market them to anyone anywhere in the world plus with low cost capital, your investment on the products will be have 3x sales profit. This is the perfect deal fit rightfully for you.


There are plenty of reasons why OEM is an excellent choice for your business. Here are the O.E.M advantages that await you on the other line.

Over-the-top Clientele support program – Come across with the most accommodating, friendly and knowledgeable Account Managers / customer service support you will ever meet. We are after your satisfaction, we believe that aside from the products, it is the people whom you transact with will make you stay. We are here to listen almost 24/7! Feel free to ask whichever you need and we will present you a tailored solution!

Extensive product catalog and services – Talking about OEM, it exclusively offers wide variety of choices starting from Flavor selections and Ingredient assortments plus huge picks over many labelling styles may it be ours or your design! For all your E-Liquid needs even not listed on the website, contact us and we’ll figure out how we can offer you a solution!

Money-Savings is guaranteed – Start adjusting your business budget. Not going up but going down! Take off as high as 50% off from our product prices when you become a qualified OEM partner. With our low-cost per bottle pricing, plus overhead OEM discount – there is no way but up in your sales and revenue! Leave your non-direct supplier who’s basically milking you premium charges! Switch to the brand who’s giving more value to your hard-earned money!



We pride ourselves in offering Labelling Options for OEM customers. Personalized Labelling enables you project a good brand you can call as your own, a signature style you and your own community of customers are familiar with. You can tag us for design options or you can send your own idea or creation and we’ll print it on your preferred choice of paper and quality.

HiLIQ labelling options are flexible as it follows your business needs. It is highly adjustable to your budget and plans. Labelling section is the future of the E-Cigarette and E-liquid. There is a potential mark that i