Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why HiLIQ E-Liquids is the best?

HiLIQ offers the highest quality E-liquids with the lowest possible rate ever. Only the safest material for E-liquid-making is used to create the best end result – HiLIQ E-Liquids.

What set HiLIQ apart from other brands?

HiLIQ is a direct wholesale brand supplying top notch E-Liquids. We are a brand following what the customer wants. We are here to listen and to please. To help you with all your E-Liquid needs. We promise consistency on quality and innovation on design.

What are the services being offered by HiLIQ?

HiLIQ offers wide ranging and realistic opportunities for everyone. We welcome everyone in our VIP (Valuable Inter-Business Programs) money-making plug-ins. With HiLIQ, each of you is a VIP, a royalty on your own class.

E-Liquid Questions

What are the effects of Nicotine?

Pure Nicotine can produce pleasant range of sensations which includes calmness, relaxation and additional sense of Alertness. As we are most likely aware, Nicotine is an addictive substance. The effects can last from few minutes to several hours depending on the intake. Talking about Carcinogenic properties, Pure Nicotine that has been removed from tobacco plants has not been officially evaluated by IARC or the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

What are the E-Liquids for?

HiLIQ Premium E-liquids are intended for all your Electronic-Cigarette devices. The E-liquids should be refilled to the atomizer. TIP: To refill properly, you should only refill at least 75-80% of E-liquids to your Atomizer. To know more, kindly redirect at our Knowledge Treasure.

What blend do you use in your E-Liquids?

We have tailored our blends according to your needs. On our Premixed E-Liquids, the default best mix is 50%VG50%PG. should you want more choices to follow you taste desires, you gotta get our DIY E-Liquids as it offers almost widespread selections. If you are after serious and complete selections, your best option is our OEM E-liquid opportunities.

Is there a Selection for Flavor and Nicotine Strength?

Yes, definitely. We offer comprehensive choices to meet your personal taste preferences. We also highly recommend you mix your own E-liquids so you can come up with your own varieties.

What is the right Nicotine Level for me?

We strongly recommend to all our new customers to start with 18mg (1.8%). This is the nearest hit and feels you get from the conventional smoking. It will also perform best for someone who are coming off from cigarettes and switching on to E-cigs. Moreover, HiLIQ provides other choices as Low as non-nicotine (0mg) to extra high Nicotine (32mg) in order to follow you Nicotine needs.

How long does an E-liquid Lasts?

E-Liquid may last depending on personal consumption. However, on an average, a 30-ml e-liquid can be used 7-10 days.

What is the Expiration of E-liquids?

In order to maximize the quality and taste consistency of the e-liquids, we advise all consumers to use it within 18 months from the date of production.

I noticed a slight change of Color, is it still safe to use?

Yes, you can still use your E-Liquids even after a slight color change. E-Liquids change color due to oxygenation, extreme temperature changes or direct sunlight. This is a harmless process that does not affect the safety, vapeability or quality of our products.

Ordering and Shipping Questions

Can I do Phone ordering?

Yes, you absolutely can. We value your time. If you have no time to purchase by yourself via our website, we'll do it for you. Just call us directly and look for your account manager. All you have to do is to transfer funds via PayPal in order to process the placed order. (Note: Phone ordering strictly do not accept Credit card Payment as we would like to protect further your Card Information)

Do you have coupon codes?

Yes, we have coupon codes to be given on special occasions or scheduled periods. Customers may use it one-time only unless otherwise having different terms. HiLIQ strongly encourage everyone to like and follow our social media communities in order to get the latest in terms of news, discounts and promotions.

Can I check if the shipping is available in my country?

In order to be sure whether we ship or not to certain country like yours, you may check it on our site by placing your order. Once we offer no shipping option that means we cannot ship your package to your country.

Can I look my total bill first before I pay?

Absolutely! You can review first all the items in your cart even the system calculated shipping fee is ready for prior checking. If all is well, you may proceed to payment.