HiLIQ E-Liquids is raising the standards, not the price.

Every year, the ratio of Vapers are significantly increasing, making way for the industry to offer more diverse choices and introducing new alternative smoking tools. More so, the need for premium tasting E-Liquids stepped up a huge marginal growth confirming E-Liquid as a key driver for an enjoyable Vaping Experience.

Your chosen E-cigarette may vary in shapes and sizes, power and capacity but your favorite E-Liquid will only come on a specific taste. – That’s what we will offer, E-Liquid Flavor consistency and quality constancy. HiLIQ is all about E-Liquids and its promise to raise the standards, not the price.

Talk is cheap. Your proof is our E-liquids. Your guarantee is our name.

Without a single marketing hype, our E-liquid is the best for your choice. Compare our prices with other stores and see the difference for yourself. Our concentrated flavorings uses 6-8% mix ratio, which means each percentage, is purely concentrated and flavorful – So you can just use small percentage in your mixes in order to blend in the taste you desire! Save twice your budget, generate thrice your income!

Your high performing E-Cig kit deserves high performing E-Liquids.

Maximize the use of your E-cigarette with our authentic blends, HiLIQ provides the very best E-Liquid concentrates and mixes in order to come up with the intense flavors, superior vapors and high performing kicks we all are rooting for! Who better understands you in terms of your E-Liquid needs? They are no less than the certified E-Liquid aficionados themselves, like us!

Not only we provide the best fluid for your tool on the lowest possible rate ever, we guarantee that what goes out our doors entail the highest standards and best benefits.

Here are some tidbits why our E-Liquids rock!

FDA Approved – All our formulas and raw materials are FDA approved and Registered. Only the safest ingredients are inside on every HILIQ bottle.

Kosher Grade – Our base mix is comprised of USP Grade, Kosher Ingredients allowing you to market them anywhere in the world.

High-Quality Glycerin – Our Glycerin are freshly sourced from Malaysian Palms to ensure highest standard for your safety and enjoyment.

GRAS Approved – Our E-liquid Flavorings are Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA. They are notch ahead of “Food Grade” as they meant to be inhaled.

CGMP Operation Standards – Our Production and operation processes strictly adhere to Current Good Manufacturing Practices set by the FDA.

Child-Proof Bottles – Expect that each bottle is securely packaged for you and your child’s protection.

Lot Numbers – Our packaging includes Lot numbers so we can easily trace all products according to their origins.

Freshly Made-To-Order – Expect that what you will receive is freshly created by certified E-Liquid Engineers. We have a promising catalogue that keeps updating every time.

Diacetyl-Free – No fake butter, No fake taste.