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Unflavored 200mg/ml Nicotine Salt A PG Base 100ML

Product Review (submitted on November 21, 2018):
I switched to Salts a few months ago because I don't like harsh peppery nicotine, the first Salts I tried was the Nude Nicotine Smooth version which got me hooked on this new fad.
I got a 100ml bottle of 200mg Hiliq Salts today, this stuff is sooo SMOOTH..!!
I thought the Nude Nicotine Salts was good but the Hiliq Salts is better, I mixed up 40mg to use in my Aspire Spryte and it knocks ya socks off without even feeling any harshness and zero peppery effect..!!
Thank goodness you guys decided to make Nicotine salts, I always got my nicotine from Hiliq but until the last few days they didn't make salts, so glad I can get my Salts from you guys once again.