Unflavored 3-72mg/mL Nicotine Base 250ML

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Unflavored 3-72mg/mL Nicotine Base 250ML
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US$ 4٫99


3mg/ml—0.3% Nicotine - Extra light Content Ready to use.

6mg/ml—0.6% Nicotine - Light Content. Ready to use.

12mg/ml—1.2% Nicotine - Medium Content. Ready to use.

18mg/ml—1.8% Nicotine - High Content. Ready to use.

24mg/ml—2.4% Nicotine - Xhigh Content. Ready to use but is not recommended

36mg/ml—3.6% Nicotine - XXhigh Content. Diluting is required.

48mg/ml—4.8% Nicotine - XXXhigh Content. Diluting is required.

This nicotine base is unflavored and is dedicated only for DIY mixing. It’s highly advisable to do it in a laboratory or to well-ventilated areas where there are no kids and pets nearby and has easy access to exit. It’s fun given the right tools, materials and information. It takes a different kind of experience being able to create the juice you vape. It could also open up a lot of opportunities starting from getting popular on your local community up to opening up an E-liquid trade business. However, you must ensure warnings and cautions are observed, thus, knowledge and advance research is required.

Flavor concentrateNicotine baseLiquid base

3-12mg/ml nicotine base densities are best recommended to use as it could be vaped/mixed directly.

Target nicotine density should be lower than your current nicotine density.

18mg/ml nicotine base

24mg/ml nicotine base

36mg/ml nicotine base

48mg/ml nicotine base

* Important Reminders:
1. Wear protective tools when you are DIYing and do it a well-ventilated areas
2. Dilute your Nicotine base to lower percentages. 6mg/ml to 12mg/ml nicotine density are most recommended for Vaping.
3. Do not mix the flavor concentrate from different brands. HiLIQ is unable to guarantee other brands’ taste quality and safety. HiLIQ flavor concentrates are food grade and is extracted from natural resources, no sweetener and food coloring added. Most of the flavor usage are 8%-15%, depending on Flavor intensity preference. Don’t use the concentrate in excess for your own safety and to avoid inappropriate over taste. Please put under 20% flavor concentrate if you need more flavors mixtures.

* Warning
1. Contains high strength Nicotine, not for direct use.
2. Keep out from Reach of children, pets and unaware adults
3. Avoid be inhaled or absorb through skin. Use with proper information, tools and laboratory/ facility.

* First Aid:
1. Contact with skin: wash with Saline solution or running water
2. Contact with Eyes: Rinse Eyes with water in 15 minutes
3. Inhaled: leave the area or seek medical advice
4. Taken Orally: Do not induce vomiting without contacting a doctor or poison center If any untoward incidents of overexposure, dial emergency.