Take opportunity to another level as you come to meet a business venture which is easy, convenient and competent.HiLIQ is proud to introduce a Drop shipping program that will accommodate both product manufacturing and E-commerce needs of our enterprising clients.
DROPSHIPPING is a way to do easy online business nowadays, it is a supply chain management technique where in the YOU (the Retailer) do not keep the goods in stock, but instead transfer your customers' orders and shipments directly to US ( the manufacturer and the wholesaler) whom we do all the things necessary such as processing the order and shipping it directly to your customer..


EASY Include HiLIQ Marketing photos and description to your website or selling platform, price the products according to your discretion following our online ceiling prices, let your customer order from you then you order from us! We will deliver the package right to your customers’ doorstep without them noticing the origin of the package.

CONVENIENT Become a retailer without investing lump sum of money and start a business with very little risk! Inventory is not a problem as you order on your-needs-basis. You are good to earn even without worrying about packaging materials, labeling stuffs and shipping accounts.

COMPETENT Set your own retail prices in your own selling platform and purchase the productsdirectly from us with an affordable pricing plus with 20% definite discount on all orders! Save double and Earn triple! It's how you do business with us!

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