HiLIQ emerged from the time where the ever-growing E-Cigarette industry needs top-notch quality E-liquids with an honest price. HiLIQ is a direct and professional supplier offering all around services on all your E-Liquid needs. Aside from its promise to offer you the best quality E-liquid supplies, it assure you of saving as high as 50% from further payments you give easily to wrong suppliers who put tremendous extra pricing and hidden third (3rd) party charges on every bottle, making you to pay a premium price. At HiLIQ you don’t need to pay a premium price for a premium E-Liquids. We are on a mission to give you the highest kind of E-Liquids you and your customer deserves. Our prices are sure to rock your business and our end products are sure to amaze your high sense of taste. Sealed with the quality you can definitely depend, prices you can always approve and a clientele services you can continually count on, HiLIQ is the brand to trust. HiLIQ Co., Limited. Address: Rm. 19C,Lockhart Ctr., 301-307 Lockhart Rd. ,Wan Chai,Hong Kong

The HiLIQ Advantage

1. High Quality E-Liquids for an Affordable PriceNo other mainstream E-Liquid/E-Cigarette brand can match our prices especially in OEM section. We lend you the most competitive pricing meant for your business. We offer excellent branding and labelling following your personal choices so your business can reach another mile.

2. In-house E-Liquid EngineersAll our E-liquids are freshly made to order and personally mixed by our trusted and professional in-house engineers in our very own FlavorLab® to create the best taste fit for your own customizations. Hand-Made E-Liquids freshly created in our FlavorLab®, enables you to enjoy the same quality and consistency of your favorite E-Liquids over and over. The taste you love will always be that way again and again. These things unfortunately you may not get with your previous non-direct suppliers.

3. Loyalty is rewarded big-timeWe value loyalty. We believe it is one of the things that make a business works. We are always after our clientele’s benefit. We reward loyal customers by presenting them unbeatable prices, honest quality and edgy services. At HiLIQ, when you decide to be part of us, you become part of our family. A treat you will not get from any other. We give you exclusive access to our newest products, promotions, discounts, offerings and so much more.

4. Integrity is valued firstWe are honest. We’ll never let our customers down. Your business is our business too, so we’ll take responsibility. In very rare cases that you find our products not the same as compared before, we’ll trace it and respond promptly to what is proper.

5. Quick, friendly yet professional HiLIQ teamOur customer service do not bite. They are always ready to listen and help you out with everything. With high experience and professionalism, they’re out as open and friendly to give you the best online shopping experience.

HiLIQ Customer Care offers customized service, what you needJust ask and we’ll help you figure things out. We are almost 24/7 available to accommodate your business. You will be assigned to one account manager you can be friends with and deal with easily and regularly.