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HiLIQ Concentrated Flavors 10ml

Product Review (submitted on April 21, 2017):
Great flavours have tried and tested;
Watermelon - Needs to steep for at least a day to get the full flavour. Sweet melon. 9/10
Grape - Very strong easily overpowers other flavours at 3%. Sweet grape. 8/10
Fruit punch - Tried at 8% only. Personally not for me, well blended would assume it needs to steep. 6/10
Pineapple - Very good Pineapple, after a day it just blossoms into a sweet delight lending itself to other concentrates. 9/10
Peach - This one is a train wreck to get around, awesome flavour but it either hides or doesn't lend itself in blends, Steep for 1 day. Start at 4% with other flavours and work up or down from there. Sweet peach 7/10
Apple - This has to air out, it is very chemically/perfumey if shake and vaped. Crips apple with a little sweetness. What I would expect from HiLIQ. 8/10
Coconut - VERY STRONG US AT 1% OR LESS. Very rich and creamy, taste just like a coconut, fresh of course. As said use with caution. 8/10