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Unflavored 3-72mg/mL Nicotine Base 1L

Product Review (submitted on January 20, 2017):
This is a great product, I have bought several liters over the past few years, it always arrives safely packed, securely sealed (sometimes a little too sealed with hot glue that's a pain to get off so you can open the bottle, but this guarantees no leaks during shipping). This is a great vape for someone that is sick of all the flavors that end up tasting the same anyway. It provides a scentless vape that is perfect for all day every day vaping. I've now moved away from flavors and stick to nothing but this e-juice. When you find a good product like this that is cheap and does the trick, then there's no reason to change. Shipping to AU is more expensive than the product its self, but in the end its still cheaper than buying it in AU.