HiLIQ Synthetic Nicotine 100MG PG

Clean and Pure Lab made nicotine. It doesn't contain any real tobacco plants, stem or waste. It is completely scientifically manufactured in HILIQ state-of-the-art laboratory.
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New Trend
New Feeling
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Synthetic Nicotine is a Non-tobacco Nicotine created specifically in a state-of-the-art laboratory with scientific procedures and techniques. It doesn’t contain any part of tobacco plants, stem, or waste and is completely manufactured using other chemicals without an element of tobacco-derived nicotine.

Nicotine Salt Nicotine Base Synthetic Nicotine
Origin Natural Tobacco + B Acid Natural Tobacco Synthetization of chemicals
Throat hit Extremely smooth A little Harsh Smoother
Kick Feeling Chest+Head Throat Tongue Root, Upper part of the throat
Vapour Big cloud for MOD; medium cloud for POD Big and heavy smog for(MOD) Big and heavy smog for(MOD)
Flavour Outcome Rich flavour (MOD) not a rich flavour (POD) Rich flavour(MOD) Rich flavour(MOD)
Availability of flavours large range large range large range
Effect in the body, mind and bloodstream Faster absorbtion Medium absorbtion Medium absorbtion
Devices paired Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Prices A Little Expensive Regular price Expensive
Shelf Life 24months 12 months in cold temperature 12 months in cold temperature
Oxidation Slow oxidation Can easily oxidate Normal oxidation speed

New Trend

Synthetic nicotine is not a new product in the market, however, it has gotten a lot of public attention lately due to a lot of regulations in place with regular tobacco-derived nicotine. The industry saw an increasing market growth for Synthetic Nicotine as it has been used in a lot of smoking cessation products such as Oral nicotine pouches, among others.

New Feeling

Synthetic nicotine offers a new kind of feeling to users. It tastes cleaner and purer and has no other aftertaste. It suits with a large range of flavors and whenever vaped, it hits the tip part of the tongue and upper part of the throat giving users a different kind of rush.

New Experience

The Vape Device industry has been continuously changing and evolving all throughout the years since its inception, but the landscape for e-liquid has shown small to no progress - as e-liquids remain to be stable with fixed ingredients such as PG and/or VG, Flavors, and Nicotine.
Nicotine changing from regular base to salt and now, synthetic - are all indications that can all see a new e-liquid experience that can await users, soon.

HILIQ is a dedicated and professional manufacturer of Nicotine solutions. We started in sourcing, filtrating, and purifying tobacco plants to produce the purest and cleanest Nicotine derived from Natural Tobacco. Gathering a high level of expertise in the field, we also pride ourselves in creating Nicotine salt solutions uniquely different from contemporaries as we manage to offer several kinds of Salts to suit different kinds of devices, flavors, and tastes.

As we continue to dwell on the science of Nicotine, we now offer Synthetic Nicotine that is safe and tested and truly created for the sector of consumers that seek pleasure from using Nicotine that is not derived from any real tobacco source.

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