Ice Apple E-Liquid Flavor

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Ice Apple E-Liquid Flavor

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Ice Apple

Perfect match! Taste pure holiday treat this summer with our Mentholated Apple Flavored E-liquid! Bring Christmas back in this hot season with a hint of apple and menthol. Sweet with a touch of licorice, cooling with the help of menthol, that’s what to expect in every bottle of this Vape cooler! Maximize the feeling over a pair of cheese bread and ham! Use it with recommended Nicotine density of 0mg - 24mg

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Price as configured: US$2.99



  • 85% of your E-liquid is composed of Liquid base. Liquid base may come in PG or VG. VG is used for vapor while PG is used for Flavor and Throat hit.
    'HiLIQ Default E-liquid Bases:50%VG + 50%PG (Regular Vaping) /
    80%VG + 20%PG (Cloud Chasing)'

  • Nicotine gives that throat hit and the same pleasure you get from Smoking. It is addictive so you must be able to know your Nicotine needs.
    “HiLIQ Nicotine grade: USP grade.”

  • Flavor is the heart of the E-liquids. This is generally the possible for giving you flavors that are along with your liking. The taste which is accepted by your palate.
    “HILIQ Flavor concentrate grade: Food Grade.”

  • Main composition: vegetable glycerin, flavor concentrate, nicotine ( Depends on the density you select)Flexible nicotine density and other options: All available in e-liquid OEM section.

  • Smoking Socially and occasionally, we advice you select 0mg/ml

  • 1 pack regular cigarette per two days, we advice you select 6mg/ml

  • 1 pack regular cigarette per day, we advice you select 12mg/ml- 18mg/ml

  • 2 packs regular cigarette per day, we advice you select 24mg/ml

While taste is subjected to personal preference and flavor selection depends mainly on individual tongue’s palate, finding the perfect e-liquids for us can be done through tailoring down our choices to major categories then to taste groups then finally to specific flavors.


1. To ensure the e-liquid taste, store it in cool dark place.
2. Use it up within 60 days once it is opened
3. Stop using it if causes allergies.
4. Keep away from Direct sunlight and too much exposure to air.
5. Not for Direct use. Intended for all Electronic Smoking Devices only.


Customer Reviews 20 item(s)

Brought me here
I've never purchased this flavor here but before I knew about HiLiq I was out of juice, a friend gave me a few tanks of Ice Apple and I now almost exclusively buy juices from this site. Great flavor.
Review by Joni / (Posted on 8/9/2019) up(0 )
Manzana fresca con mentol, para el verano.
Un sabor muy recomendable
Review by Anton / (Posted on 7/13/2019) up(0 )
Taste nice
Review by Mohanad / (Posted on 5/30/2019) up(0 )
I like it
Review by Yaman / (Posted on 12/23/2018) up(0 )
Fantastic apple flavour and subtle menthol note
One of my favourite iced fruit flavours. A big hit with first time vapers when I'm out on a night out! Girls love this flavour. It reminds me apple flavoured shisha!
Review by Shane / (Posted on 7/23/2018) up(0 )
Real good Apple flavor coming through
Menthol isn't too strong. I added my own menthol to this vape. I would recommend this to other people.
Review by Harvey / (Posted on 7/9/2018) up(0 )
The best green apple menthol e-liquid on the market.
On the inhale you get the sweetness of apple and the flavor of granny Smith's. The exhale a refreshing menthol with a tangy sweet finish that'll leave you wanting more.
Review by Randall / (Posted on 7/2/2018) up(0 )
I had very high hopes for this e-liquid and to be honest it lived up to my expectations!
Great granny smith apple flavor on the inhale with a nice menthol on the exhale. I highly recommend this flavor to anyone. This just might be a permanent bottle in my collection.
Review by Kamryn / (Posted on 6/20/2018) up(0 )
The best green apple
This e-liquid tastes amazing, the best green apple I have found in any juice by far. I am a picky Vapor, And this one made my like list. However, not sure why but this flavor burns your coils quickly.
Review by Krish / (Posted on 6/15/2018) up(0 )
Like it very much
Very nice sweet with a hint of menthol the inhale has a sweet granny smith apple exhale cool menthol would highly recommend
Review by Cassius / (Posted on 6/4/2018) up(0 )
This flavor is just for me!
I try so many product from Hiliq E-Liquid Site at the end this is a winner for me love apple with menthol feel fresh everyday
Review by Maxton / (Posted on 5/21/2018) up(0 )
Highly recommend this flavor
This e liquid, using my TFV12 tank and coil, Comes out really sweet and smooth. Even at 165 watts with 3 nic. I highly recommend this e liquid. This flavor is described as apple with menthol. I can definately taste the apple and menthol but with a mix which i loved.
Review by Jerry / (Posted on 5/4/2018) up(0 )
Try this flavor and you won't disappointed
I think I may have gotten this e liquid flavor as an error in one of my Cart, but it was a great error!!! I get a delicious fresh apple flavor. Appropriate throat hit. I get a very small hint of menthol and it is not over powering at all. Try this one and you won't be disappointed. I will be adding more alternativ flavors in the future!!
Review by Mitchell / (Posted on 4/25/2018) up(0 )
It's pretty refreshing
it's pretty refreshing, but the taste is not as great as you think, i can taste the menthol and and light apple, overall it's an okey vape. most people should be able to finish a bottle.
Review by Larry / (Posted on 4/24/2018) up(0 )
احب التفاح
جيدة جدا Review by ahmad / (Posted on 11/23/2017) up(0 )
Love it.
Cool Apple. Love it.
Review by Wayne'o / (Posted on 7/22/2017) up(0 )
A real wonderful flavor
A real wonderful flavor
Review by saad / (Posted on 6/26/2017) up(0 )
Amazing flavour
WoW this juice was fantastic, will be purchasing again and again
Review by Michael / (Posted on 6/21/2017) up(0 )
Awesome ADV
This is probably me favourite all day vape. I got this flavour from a friend when i very first started vaping, after that i have tried a lot of other ejuices from other places but none compare to this.
Really nice apple flavour with a slight menthol taste on the exhale to cool it off
Review by mitchell / (Posted on 6/8/2017) up(0 )
Review by Alwaleed / (Posted on 6/7/2017) up(0 )