MB Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor

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MB Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor

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Never get wrong with this All-time favorite Vaping Fuel!
Taste the best replica of one of the world’s best-selling and most popular Cigarette brands in the world – Marlboro. HiLIQ’s MB Tobacco Flavored E-Liquid is a star in its own right. This greatly picked Tobacco encompasses top notch taste and excellent runs and kicks. It is well-balanced in flavor and vapor which is familiar to almost all Vapers. Perfect for an all-day-never-ending use from your morning coffee, to your afternoon juice until your evening cocktails, experiment some Nicotine levels from 0mg to 36mg.

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Price as configured: US$2.39



  • VG/PG
  • 85% of your E-liquid is composed of Liquid base. Liquid base may come in PG or VG. VG is used for vapor while PG is used for Flavor and Throat hit.

    “HiLIQ Default E-liquid Base: 50%VG+ 50%PG”

  • NIC
  • Nicotine gives that throat hit and the same pleasure you get from Smoking. It is addictive so you must be able to know your Nicotine needs.

    “HiLIQ Nicotine grade: USP grade.”

  • Flavor is the heart of the E-liquids. This is generally the possible for giving you flavors that are along with your liking. The taste which is accepted by your palate.

    “HILIQ Flavor concentrate grade: Food Grade.”

  • OEM
  • Main composition: vegetable glycerin, flavor concentrate, nicotine ( Depends on the density you select)

    Flexible nicotine density and other options: All available in e-liquid OEM section.


Smoking Socially and occasionally, we advice you select 0mg/ml


1 pack regular cigarette per two days, we advice you select 6mg/ml


1 pack regular cigarette per day, we advice you select 12mg/ml- 18mg/m


2 packs regular cigarette per day, we advice you select 24mg/ml


While taste is subjected to personal preference and flavor selection depends mainly on individual tongue’s palate, finding the perfect e-liquids for us can be done through tailoring down our choices to major categories then to taste groups then finally to specific flavors.




  • 1. To ensure the e-liquid taste, store it in cool dark place.
  • 2. Use it up within 60 days once it is opened.
  • 3. Stop using it if causes allergies.
  • 4. Keep away from Direct sunlight and too much exposure to air.
  • 5. Not for Direct use. Intended for all Electronic Smoking Devices only.

Customer Reviews 31 item(s)

Kiich.7s .yy@au.com
Review by Aoyama / (Posted on 6/15/2019) up(0 )
Pretty good
I do much prefer malbaro lights over this , but it is still not bad
Review by Joelly / (Posted on 3/27/2019) up(0 )
Very nice tobacco e liquid
Very nice tobacco e liquid
Review by mohamed / (Posted on 3/9/2019) up(0 )
Good flav for breaking Cigs
I like this flavor combined with Vanilla.
Review by Evan / (Posted on 3/5/2019) up(0 )
Good flav for breaking Cigs
I like this flavor combined with Vanilla.
Review by Evan / (Posted on 3/5/2019) up(0 )
like original tobacco
It doesn't really resemble Marlboro, but great if you are after real tobacco flavour (a bit Capt. Blackish)
Flavour is too strong to me, I personally prefer 555 and recommend that one!
Review by SRAHN / (Posted on 2/16/2019) up(0 )
I very like it
Review by Yaman / (Posted on 1/9/2019) up(0 )
Not really
I couldn't find the taste of Marlboro, anyway it is really impossible to find the real taste of cigarette in the market
Review by Abdelkarim / (Posted on 12/15/2018) up(0 )
nice tobacco flavour
its a nice tobacco flavour. Smells and tastes somewhat like the real thing. i have really enjoyed vaping this and will definitely order more
Review by man0action / (Posted on 11/27/2018) up(0 )
Buen sabor
Buen sabor
Review by Bob / (Posted on 11/11/2018) up(0 )
Close enough
Not bad for a tobacco flavour. Haven't been able to find one that quite matches the real thing, but good enough to have with the morning coffee. Like all the others, they are a tad too sweet and aromatic
Review by Chinny / (Posted on 7/13/2018) up(0 )
Fast delivery to Oz
Nice and smooth just like the real thing.
Review by Mike / (Posted on 7/9/2018) up(0 )
Worth a look at.?
Nice flavour, nice smoke..
Review by Ryan / (Posted on 6/18/2018) up(0 )
Great flavour
Very nice
Review by Satish / (Posted on 5/27/2018) up(0 )
Will be bulk buying from HiLIQ vape site.
I have tried all you have in the tobacco range, and this one for me is the best I have tried and I have tried many different tobacco flavoured eliquids from many different companies who sell it . I was spending much more expensive price for the same ml but not anymore. I will be bulk buying from HiLIQ vape site.
Review by Hendrix / (Posted on 5/11/2018) up(0 )
Nice seller. Recommended
Review by AbuAbed / (Posted on 5/2/2018) up(0 )
Good aftertaste
I really liked this flavor. Tastes just like smoking Marlboro. Nice clouds and a good aftertaste. Maybe not an all day vape but definitely a 1/2 or 3/4 day vape
Review by Jayden / (Posted on 4/16/2018) up(0 )
I love this flavor and i love this company!
First off I want to say that the customer service of hiliq is great! On to the juice. I don't care if this is 'cheap' juice and it might be cheap in its price but not in its quality and u can take that to the bank! Vaping for days and big dense clouds u could float away on move over nimbus' hands down the best tobacco I've ever tried and I've tried more than my fair share of tobacco flavored juices. I love this company.
Review by Augustus / (Posted on 4/16/2018) up(0 )
Now i really love the taste of this tobacco flavour
I thought I don't like tabacco flavors. Had this in my last box. Filled the tank and at the first couple of vaping really didn't like it that much. After a while it grew on my. Now after 2-3 tanks I really love the taste. Amazing flavour. Made me change my mind on tabacco flavors.
Review by Mason / (Posted on 4/16/2018) up(0 )
Good taste
I am new to vaping and ordered this product to try and get off cigarettes. My 30 a day habit has dropped to 5 a day and 2 - 4 ml of MB after a week. I can see myself being tobacco free in a very short time. I liked it so much I had ordered a range of different flavours to try.
Review by Rodney / (Posted on 2/3/2018) up(1 )
Full and Robust Taste
As you would expect given the name, you can expect a full bodied and robust taste from this flavour. There was no harsh/bitter taste at all which is great, it retained its full flavour and went down smooth. It did not disappoint.
Review by Graham / (Posted on 11/21/2017) up(0 )
احب ذللك
ممتاز جدا
Review by ahmad / (Posted on 10/9/2017) up(0 )
Review by Mohamed / (Posted on 8/11/2017) up(0 )
good stuff
Review by Dylan / (Posted on 8/9/2017) up(0 )
Very nice tobacco e liquid
If you want to feel and taste something look like a real cigarette buy this e juice and vape it using a tank gives you average aroma taste ( not strong taste ) , you will be very happy , very nice tobacco e liquid
Review by Shakar / (Posted on 8/5/2017) up(0 )
Ordered a sample pack and I am testing... just one word "Perfect!!"
Review by Daniel / (Posted on 7/18/2017) up(0 )
Like smoking1
Ordered a sample pack and I am testing... MB is like smoking, are you looking to quite to smoke or want to have a simple vape to go with you while out drinking with your friends, this is it!!
Review by Daniel / (Posted on 7/18/2017) up(0 )
Good tobacco-like taste.
Good tobacco-like taste.
Review by saad / (Posted on 6/26/2017) up(0 )
Review by Alwaleed / (Posted on 6/7/2017) up(0 )
Makes it easy.
If you're a smoker moving to vaping, it is a good flavor to try. Very smooth and satisfying. I found it very easy to switch to vaping and prefer this juice to the sweet ones.Ma
Review by Tina / (Posted on 4/27/2017) up(0 )
Good tobacco-like taste.
Good tobacco-like taste.
Review by Grin / (Posted on 3/28/2017) up(0 )