Menthol E-Liquid Flavor

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Menthol E-Liquid Flavor

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Get that Soothing Feeling not just In Gum and Drinks!
Who’s not up for a cooling sensation brought about by a mentholated smoke? Everyone’s clamoring for good menthol Vape! HiLIQ proudly introduces a taste of pure menthol feast! Aside from the premium cooling power, Our Menthol Flavored E-Liquid has a lively sweet aftertaste for total oral refreshment. Perfect after a full course to take you away from too much food loading! Recommended Nicotine density runs from 0mg to 24mg.

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Price as configured: US$2.39



  • 85% of your E-liquid is composed of Liquid base. Liquid base may come in PG or VG. VG is used for vapor while PG is used for Flavor and Throat hit.
    'HiLIQ Default E-liquid Bases:50%VG + 50%PG (Regular Vaping) /
    80%VG + 20%PG (Cloud Chasing)'

  • Nicotine gives that throat hit and the same pleasure you get from Smoking. It is addictive so you must be able to know your Nicotine needs.
    “HiLIQ Nicotine grade: USP grade.”

  • Flavor is the heart of the E-liquids. This is generally the possible for giving you flavors that are along with your liking. The taste which is accepted by your palate.
    “HILIQ Flavor concentrate grade: Food Grade.”

  • Main composition: vegetable glycerin, flavor concentrate, nicotine ( Depends on the density you select)Flexible nicotine density and other options: All available in e-liquid OEM section.

  • Smoking Socially and occasionally, we advice you select 0mg/ml

  • 1 pack regular cigarette per two days, we advice you select 6mg/ml

  • 1 pack regular cigarette per day, we advice you select 12mg/ml- 18mg/ml

  • 2 packs regular cigarette per day, we advice you select 24mg/ml

While taste is subjected to personal preference and flavor selection depends mainly on individual tongue’s palate, finding the perfect e-liquids for us can be done through tailoring down our choices to major categories then to taste groups then finally to specific flavors.


1. To ensure the e-liquid taste, store it in cool dark place.
2. Use it up within 60 days once it is opened
3. Stop using it if causes allergies.
4. Keep away from Direct sunlight and too much exposure to air.
5. Not for Direct use. Intended for all Electronic Smoking Devices only.


Customer Reviews 23 item(s)

Such a great menthol flavour. Super fast delivery.
Cool and Refreshing Flavour
Review by Julie / (Posted on 7/29/2019) up(0 )
Right flavour to make own blend
the right amount of mint flavour. I blend this with 555 (ratio 1/10) which makes it amazing...
Review by SRAHN / (Posted on 2/16/2019) up(0 )
I like it
Review by Yaman / (Posted on 1/7/2019) up(0 )
kocham ten menthol
Review by Mivhql / (Posted on 12/14/2018) up(0 )
I love the coolness that it delivers
I love this flavour it is great by itself, it is not over-powering and its great to mix with other flavours. I enjoy making my own blend; with orange, watermelon, strawberry and cherry. Give it a go and you won't be disappointed.
Review by Janine / (Posted on 10/30/2018) up(0 )
Vape this menthol flavour allllllll day. My favourite!
Perfect Hit.
Review by Mabel / (Posted on 9/9/2018) up(0 )
Flavor is excellent with a proper throat hit. They provide a descent amount of vapor.
I would recommend this e-liquid.
Review by Cael / (Posted on 7/9/2018) up(0 )
Very tasty, has an almost menthol aftertaste.
Lots of vape, not too bad of a throat hit.
Review by Conrad / (Posted on 7/5/2018) up(0 )
Amazing strong flavor
My best flavor, I like menthol in general, and I also like to mix it with other flavors to give it a bit of twist!
Review by Nedal / (Posted on 6/8/2018) up(0 )
Perfect menthol flavor
Not bad. Perfect amount menthol makes it great. Probably an all day vape for menthol lovers.
Review by Gilbert / (Posted on 6/6/2018) up(0 )
Nice and smooth menthol flavor!
Nice and smooth. It has a good throat hit from the PG, but the menthol does a great job of kicking it back into something far easier to vape without making this overly minty. Very nice. I'd happily buy this one again.
Review by Cade / (Posted on 4/26/2018) up(0 )
Recommend this to anybody who likes menthol flavors
All around menthol. First ever menthol i have had and its an all around good vape. Flavor is spot on with a nice menthol on the exhale. Definitely recommend this to anybody that likes menthol flavors and wants to get their first menthol.
Review by Julius / (Posted on 4/24/2018) up(0 )
Fantastic flsvour
Fantastic mix of menthol flavours. My fave menthol so fasr
Review by Angela / (Posted on 3/25/2018) up(0 )
It's wonderful !
Review by Omar / (Posted on 3/17/2018) up(0 )
Very crisp
Nice menthol, very crisp and clean taste.
Review by Ian / (Posted on 12/1/2017) up(0 )
The perfect cooling flavour
Consider this a base liquid, usable as a cooling agent for other flavours or by itself. I didn't notice any difference between HILIQ's flavour and other companies. If you like cool/menthol flavours, I recommend buying this in bulk... you'll use it all.
Review by Michael / (Posted on 11/21/2017) up(0 )
Wonderful product and amazing service.
Wonderful service and I love the taste of the menthol flavour, excellent and fast delivery.
Review by Ian J / (Posted on 11/14/2017) up(0 )
Good Mint Quality !
One Of The Best Mint I Ever Taste ....
Review by Montassir / (Posted on 11/7/2017) up(0 )
Top Grade
Review by Michael / (Posted on 11/3/2017) up(0 )
Love the menthol liquid. Not to strong and refreshing.
Tried lots of e-liquids and this menthol liquid is my favourite. And the big bottles are really a bargain.

Review by Nicoy / (Posted on 10/11/2017) up(1 )
Nice taste very smooth v,good FLAVOR
I enjoyed vaping this liquid. it is greet
Review by saad / (Posted on 6/27/2017) up(1 )
Review by Alwaleed / (Posted on 6/7/2017) up(1 )
Fantastic additive to vape mix, to add coolness, or change up flavour.
This is my favourite e-liquid. It adds a little coolness to all my other liquids when they taste a little boring, and because you can pick you nicotine strength, it doesn't diminish the nicotine, or main e-liquid flavour, due to how powerful the menthol is.
Review by Andromahi / (Posted on 5/10/2017) up(0 )