Nicotine SALT is a kind of nicotine that originates from tobacco leaf, extracted naturally from pure nicotine.

It is a more stable form of nicotine compared to the currently available freebase nicotine in the market

It provides high nicotine density with smoother throat hit

The nicotine is easily absorbed by the lungs and felt by the mind thus, providing instant satisfaction.

HiLIQ produced Nicotine SALT, Hi-Salt is a product of Nicotine reaction with organic acids.

After many improvements and upgrades, unlike traditional Nicotine SALT out in the market today, it does not produce other compounds.

HiLIQ uses a unique process to synthesise, which is purer and safer.



Hi-Salt Nicotine Freebase
Origin Natural Tobacco + Acid Natural Tobacco
Recommended usage Higher Nicotine Dosage Lower Nicotine Dosage
Throat hit Extra Smooth Smooth to a Little Harsh
Kick Feeling Chest Throat
Vapour Lesser cloud (POD) Big cloud (MOD)
Flavour Outcome Not Rich Flavours (POD) Rich Flavours (MOD)
Availability of flavours Limited Range Wide Range
Overall Effect Fast Absorption Moderate absorption
Devices paired Limited Limitless
Prices *Cheaper Moderate
Shelf Life 24 months once stored properly 12 months once stored properly
Oxidation Slower oxidation Faster oxidation

* Cheaper in the long run since Hi-Salt is recommended to use in POD or smaller devices.Smaller devices means lesser consumption than of MOD or bigger devices. However, it is good to note that Hi-Salt juices are priced higher compared to those with regular nicotine freebase.

Nicotine Freebase has higher pH which means increased in Alkaline. The increase in Alkaline can cause harsher throat hit which explains why the Nicotine Freebase can go on a smooth to a little harsh throat hit level and shall only come in small amount or dosages.

When the pH and Alkaline is lower, we can expect a much smoother throat hit.The responsible for lowering the pH levels of nicotine and reducing its Alkaline is Benzoic Acid - It is an acid needed to make Hi-Salt. An acid is a chemical substance that neutralises alkaline.

HiLIQ however, does not use Benzoic acid to make Hi-Salt. The effects of benzoic acid is still in question. Though it is not extremely toxic to humans, benzoic acid can trigger coughing or pseudo-allergic reactions as some studies suggest.

HiLIQ uses a safer and more natural acid found in fruits to neutralise Alkaline in Nicotine.For trademark, patent and production formula protection purposes, we are not able to name the acid being used to our Hi-Salt.

For our clients welfare and peace of mind. Our tests and certificates proving safety are shown below:

Hi-Salt may not be suitable for some devices. Hi-Salt can only be used in high resistance, low output devices and is not dedicated for SUB-OHM use.

Here’s why:

1. Hi-Salt needs high nicotine dosage to feel the nicotine kick. Big devices with high dosage can be overwhelming.
2. Hi-Salt experience in PODS are much pleasant
3. Hi-Salt used in MOD will end up more expensive and consumption will be faster.
4. Hi-Salt (with organic fruit acid) may stain the wick if wrong resistance and output isused.

Each manufacturer’s synthesis principle is different, the heat used to decompose an organic fruit acid is less than compared to the heat used for benzoic acid. A big vaping device uses higher standard heat than the heat used in organic acid thus, the excessive use of Hi-Salt over a high powered devices can easily stain a wick or carbonise an atomisation core, resulting to a burnt smell.

Type of Devices Hi-Salt dosage Nicotine content
Small Devices (POD, CoilArt RTA) 10-50mg/ml 3.5-17.5mg/ml
Big Devices (MOD, Dripper) 0-10mg/ml 0-3.5mg/ml


HiLIQ Hi-SALT 200mg/ml (20%)

In POD devices:

Example: I want to do a 100ml 20mg Hi-Salt E-liquids.

Here’s how to DIY:

20÷1000 * ¡100÷20%=10ml

Therefore, 200mg/ml (20%) of Hi-Salt dilution in 100ml of e-liquids;
To make 20mg, the amount added is 10ml;
To make 30mg, the amount added is 15ml;
To make 40mg, the amount added is 20ml.



  • Not for Direct use. Dilution is required.

  • Avoid contact with Eyes and Skin

  • Do not ingest and inhale

  • Keep the lid closed to avoid spillage

  • Store in container tightly closed. Keep in a cool space.

  • Wear protective gears whenever using and mixing the solution.

  • Keep away from Heat and sources of ignition.

  • Keep away from reach of Children, pets or unaware adults.

  • Not for pregnant and nursing women and people with heart disease.

  • Not for minors. This product is for adult experts use only.