Unflavored 200mg/ml Nicotine Salt B 100ML - 250ML

hi-SALT B uses as what we call B-Acid or widely known as Benzoic acid to make Nicotine Salt. It is an acid that is widely found in nature in the form of free acids, esters or derivatives thereof and is often used as a drug or food preservative. hi-SALT B is made to suit both POD and Big Devices such as RTA, MOD and Drippers. HiLIQ tries it best to solve the issue of burning wicks and carbonisation of an atomisation core. It is ultra smooth but has powerful effect to sensation of the users.*White Transparent Bottles are used to orders shipped via DHL only.

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hi-SALT A hi-SALT B Nicotine Freebase
Origin Natural Tobacco + Acid Natural Tobacco + BAcid Natural Tobacco
Recommended usage Higher Nicotine Dosage Higher Nicotine Dosage Lower Nicotine Dosage
Throat hit Extra Smooth Ultra Extra Smooth Smooth to a Little Harsh
Kick Feeling Chest Chest + Head Throat
Vapour Lesser cloud (POD) Big cloud (MOD) Moderate (POD) Big cloud (MOD)
Flavour Outcome Not Rich Flavours (POD) Rich Flavours (MOD) Not Rich Flavours (POD) Rich Flavours (MOD)
Availability of flavours Limited Range Wide Range Wide Range
Effect in the body, mind and bloodstream Fast Absorption Faster absorption Moderate absorption
Devices paired Limited Limitless Limitless
Prices *Cheaper A bit expensive Moderate
Shelf Life 24 months once stored properly 24 months once stored properly 12 months once stored properly
Oxidation Slower oxidation Slower oxidation Faster oxidation

* Cheaper in the long run since Hi-Salt is recommended to use in POD or smaller devices.Smaller devices means lesser consumption than of MOD or bigger devices. However, it is good to note that Hi-Salt juices are priced higher compared to those with regular nicotine freebase.

Nicotine Freebase has higher pH which means increased in Alkaline. The increase in Alkaline can cause harsher throat hit which explains why the Nicotine Freebase can go on a smooth to a little harsh throat hit level and shall only come in small amount or dosages.

When the pH and Alkaline is lower, we can expect a much smoother throat hit. The responsible for lowering the pH levels of nicotine and reducing its Alkaline is an Acid. An acid is needed to make nicotine salt. It is a chemical substance that neutralises alkaline in Nicotine. HiLIQ uses different acids in its Nicotine Salt products to offer to different customer groups and end-user profiles.

hi-SALT A uses a safer and more natural acid found in fruits to neutralise Alkaline in Nicotine. For trademark, patent and production formula protection purposes, we are not able to name the acid being used to our Nicotine salt.

Each manufacturer’s synthesis principle is different, the heat used to decompose an organic fruit acid is less than compared to the heat used for benzoic acid. A big vaping device uses higher standard heat than the heat used in organic acid thus, the excessive use of Nicotine Salt over a high powered devices can easily stain a wick or carbonise an atomisation core, resulting to a burnt smell.

hi-SALT A is created to fit POD juices. It is extremely smooth and loved by vendors and retailers. It should not be used with big machines to enjoy it.

Type of Devices Low Medium High
Small Devices (POD only) 20mg 30mg 40mg
Nicotine Content (Feel) 8mg 12mg 15mg
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